PEX Plumbing System


PALCONN PEX plumbing system can be used both in hot and cold water distribution.Manufactured with cross-linked polyethene, Palconn Pex pipes boost more elaborate polyethene performance without losing the excellent properties of thermoplastics.Resistant to harmful chemicals and meets the CL5 classification of chlorine resistance. Our PEX pipes, with their excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility toughness, can help you save time by allowing for the simplest piping installation. 

Radiant Underfloor Heating System


PALCONN Radiant & underfloor heating system highlights oxygen barrier PEX pipes,PEX-AL-PEX pipes, fittings and manifolds in both residential and commercial projects. 

PB Plumbing System


PALCONN PB plumbing systems is the easiest installation way for hot and cold plumbing and central heating systems.

It's amazingly flexible and has EASY-LAY flat technology which ensures ease of installation.



PALCONN PVC & PP Soundproof drainage piping systems have the advantage of high impact resistance, low noise, and smooth inner walls. Moreover, The noise produced is lower than 45 decibel.

Multilayer Gas Piping System


PALCONN multilayer gas piping system is providing a safe and reliable system for natural gas based on high flexibility and toughness as well as high pressure and temperature resistance. Overlapped and butt-welded are both available for the aluminum alloy layer that guarantees an entire barrier to the passage of oxygen and light and provides excellent mechanical and chemical properties. By using fire-proof material components, the pipe will be more safe for natual gas supply.



PALCONN range of PVC-U electrical conduits are designed to protect cables. PVC-U is the most commonly used material for electrical conduits due to its light weight, ease of assembly and non-conductivity.

For commercial, residential and industrial applications, PALCONN PVC rigid conduit is proven durable and effective for years of maintenance-free performance in the underground.PALCONN PVC-U electrical conduits with ROHS make enviroment safe.



Drip irrigation is a method that allows water to slowly drip near plant roots through a network of plastic pipes—resulting in precisely controlled water and fertilizer application



PALCONN PP-R plumbing system, made out of high-quality polypropylene random copolymer, can be applied in both residential and commercial buildings.PALCONN PP-R piping system can be used for Cool and hot water distribution, solar energy system heating and cooling settings&Cold water piping for air conditioners