For over a decade, Palconnhas grown to be a market leader in the production and export of quality piping solutions in Asia.Palconn is a company that manufactures and develops PEX pipes, PB pipes and EVOH PEX/PERT/PB oxygen barrier pipes. With the support of strong technical expertise and modern enterprise management system, the company has obtained a number of global industry-recognized certifications such as NSF and UPC certification in the United States, CSA certification in the United States and Canada, WRAS and INTERTEK certification in the UK, and WATERMARK in Australia. ,StandardsMark certification, French ACS, BV certification, Swiss SGS certification, German KYW, TÜV certification, EU CE, RoHS, REACH certification, and ISO9001:2015 certification recognized by ANAB in the United States,


Palconn uses only quality raw materials imported from top international suppliers. This ensures the quality of the plastic piping right from the start. Our raw material suppliers are well-known companies, including Borealis, LyondellBasell, Mitsui Chemicals, Kuraray, CONSTAB, Dow, Hyundai, Hyosung, LG, SK, etc.


At Palconn, we have a production capacity of 35,000 tons of plastic products per year. All of our production lines are equipped with state-of-the-art high-speed pipe extruders. The whole production line is controlled by Siemens PLC system. It is equipped with a high-precision loss-in-weight feeding system. We precisely control the amount of extrusion by setting parameters. This allows us to keep product weight constant while ensuring uniform wall thickness and high dimensional accuracy. In addition, the production lines are equipped with advanced testing facilities. This ensures that we can efficiently produce high quality pipes.

The Palconn range of products are available in nearly 6, 000 varieties, including:


PEX Plumbing System


PPR Plumbing System


PERT piping system


Irrigation piping system

Polybutylene Plumbing System


Underfloor Heating System


PVC piping system


PP Soundproof Drainage piping system

Multilayer Plumbing System


Gas piping system


HDPE piping system


Various type brass fittings & manifold


Our extensive range of products has been widely applied in industries, including:

Radiator heating systems, floor heating systems, heating and ventilation systems, water supply, dewatering, ground source heat pumps, same-floor drainage, siphonic rainwater systems, municipal engineering, water saver irrigation, chemicals, water treatment, ships, etc.

Within our manufacturing plant, we have implemented a quality management system which ensures zero defects. Our extremely strict quality control system is performed so that the entire production process, from the supply of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, is completely monitored. The test results are all recorded and fully compliant with ISO9001 standard. Undoubtedly, Palconn implements a meticulous and thorough quality management system. If you require a reliable, high-efficiency and cost-effective plumbing system, Palconn is your optimal choice!

The sales team at Palconn can supply many languages service, such as English, Russian and Spanish. Currently, our products have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions, including North American, European, South American, the Middle Eastern, Australian, Asian and African countries. We have established sales offices in the USA and the UK. Over the past few years, Palconn has taken part in a great number of exhibitions, like ISH, Canton Fair, American AHR, Russian Aquatherm, Brazilian Feicon and Dubai's, the big five.

Palconn is very eager to earn your business and become your long-standing plumbing solutions provider.




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For more than a decade, Palconn has been developing into a market leader in both the production and export of quality plumbing solutions in Asia. 

Raw materials

Palconn uses only high quality raw materials imported from international suppliers.


Palconn is very eager to earn your business and become your long-standing plumbing solutions provider.