About Palconn

For over a decade, Palconn has grown to be a market leader in the production and export of quality piping solutions in Asia. Palconn is a company that manufactures and develops PEX pipes, PB pipes, and EVOH PEX/PERT/PB oxygen barrier pipes. With the support of strong technical expertise and a modern enterprise management system, the company has obtained a number of global industry-recognized certifications such as NSF and UPC certification in the United States, CSA certification in the United States and Canada, WRAS and INTERTEK certification in the UK, and WATERMARK in Australia. , StandardsMark certification, French ACS, BV certification, Swiss SGS certification, German KYW, TÜV certification, EU CE, RoHS, REACH certification, and ISO9001:2015 certification recognized by ANAB in the United States,



Palconn is a provider of infrastructure, building and agricultural piping solutions covering piping, indoor climate, drainage, irrigation and gas fields. Palconn provides you with reliable and durable system solutions.

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